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CRM Launch of Seen But Not Heard by John Hoopmann at Deaf Church SA crop shrunkA launch with a difference – in Auslan sign language – of Seen But Not Heard: Lilian Medland’s Birds was celebrated  by the Deaf Church of South Australia at its 40th anniversary service in November. Deaf Pastor John Hoopmann, a keen birdwatcher himself, put on his birdwatching hat and binoculars and told how deaf birdwatchers have to rely solely on sight to locate birds. The story of Lilian Medland’s courage and perseverance to continue her vocation painting birds despite losing her hearing inspired the deaf congregation.

ABC journalist Mike Sexton also did an interview with me for the SA 7.30 Report, which introduced many viewers to the work of this wonderfully talented artist.


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The art book featuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian art being produced by the Bible Society now has a title:  Our Mob – God’s Story.   It will be published in 2017, the bicentenary of the establishment of the Bible Society in Australia.  I have just returned from a preliminary selection panel meeting in Coffs Harbour, NSW, where we identified areas which have not yet been covered.  So we have extended the deadline and are still seeking paintings from Aboriginal and TI artists.  Please contact Louise Sherman at the Bible Society (details below) if you are interested or know someone who may be.  We have a wish list of Bible stories, both Old and New Testament, which we would like to see illustrated, and we would love to have more work from Western Australian artists.


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Maralinga's Long ShadowMaralinga’s Long Shadow – Yvonne’s Story will be published by Allen & Unwin, probably in 2016, which is the 60th anniversary of the first British atomic bomb tests at Maralinga on traditional Anangu country.  Three generations of Yvonne’s family have been affected by these tests.  The book will be illustrated by photos and many of Yvonne’s paintings.

Update: Maralinga’s Long Shadow: Yvonne’s Story was published on 23 March, 2016.

Read the background to the book.

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