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Our Mob, God’s Story won the 2017 Australian Christian Book of the Year award. Three print runs of the book have sold out, with copies going to many countries. The book will shortly go into its fourth printing.


Judges’ comments:  Sixty-six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from the city and the bush tell the story of the wonderful things God has done for their people. They paint in a dazzling variety of styles and write with uncommon wisdom and generosity. These artists share their vision of Jesus in order to bring us together as brothers and sisters. This inspiring book demonstrates what the recent census recorded: that Christian faith is more evident and alive in indigenous communities than in the dominant settler society. It is time for quiet appreciation and deep listening. Beautiful, confident and irresistible.

To view the award presentation, go to https://youtu.be/Z6QjzSR5lV8

Judges’ comments and award presentation on youtube courtesy of sparklit.org


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Maralinga’s Long Shadow: Yvonne’s Story won the 2017 NSW Premier’s History Award – Young People’s History Prize. In 2016, it was short-listed for the Australian Christian Book of the Year.

Judges’ comments for the Australian Christian Book of the Year short-list:  This lavishly illustrated biography records the lasting costs of nuclear tests in Central Australia to an Aboriginal community. Displaced from their country, Yvonne Edwards and her people were moved from the soft sands of the desert to the hard stones of a strange land. Her firstborn was taken away and her life was dogged by tragedy. Christobel Mattingley tells the story of her friend Yvonne and how her warm Christian faith delivered her from bitterness and enabled her to inspire her community to maintain both their connection to the land through painting and to pursue justice and compensation for the effects of radioactive contamination of their country. A gem.

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